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Day One-Hundred and Two: God Does therefore We Do

No training prepared me to stroke sweat-soaked hair from the eyes of a crying child unable to put words to why he was afraid or name the demons he fights in his dreams, nurture him back to sleep, pray over him through the night watch, and make it through the work day that followed. No… Continue reading Day One-Hundred and Two: God Does therefore We Do

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Day Fifty-Five: Hope-Filled Eyes and Goodbyes

Brave thought we were getting a burger and fries when he saw familiar faces in the window and looked up at me with the brightest eyes and a look that said, "Is this for real?" Like it was too good to be true. With eyes full of hope, she turned with her children and lead them… Continue reading Day Fifty-Five: Hope-Filled Eyes and Goodbyes

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Day Forty-Nine: I Cried a Little

"Which dessert?" "Oh! That's a pink one!" "Do you like this shirt?" "Oh yes, it's pink." "Pick a folder." *pink* Coming out of the mall after two hours and a roller coaster day before that, lying on her back in the shopping cart and every level of DONE, the view nearly took her breath away… Continue reading Day Forty-Nine: I Cried a Little

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Day Forty-Seven: Back, Bags, Brave

Honeybee and Brave were tentatively long term last time then weren't. They're back and asleep at 10:27pm... and I have no words yet. ♥♥♥ Ok. I've packed the daycare bag for Honeybee, completed Brave's school registration forms, and  started the laundry and shopping list, all the while praying haphazard prayers. It's 11:45ish and now I… Continue reading Day Forty-Seven: Back, Bags, Brave

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Day Thirty-Four: I Could Never

Using a pre-set coffee pot as an alarm clock at the head of my bed and eating mac and cheese for dessert sometimes are "because I can" things. Foster care is not a "because I can" thing. My Adveturer is fascinated by all things animals and cracks everyone up with the quickest sense of humor. My Sweetpea has… Continue reading Day Thirty-Four: I Could Never