‘Kept’ · Foster Care · Hope

Day One-Hundred and Sixteen: When “No” Means “Yes”

She’s everything on the other side of every line I definitively drew when I knew there were needs beyond me (like teen years) and defined my fostering borders. God said “ok” for one-hundred and fifteen days and six children then blew those borders away on day one-hundred and sixteen with seven.

Reasoning through all facts working against us after a weekend’s respite was over, I told my mother I knew right down to my soul she belonged here. Two days later they called and asked if she could be.

Nothing about her story says “kept.”

But that’s how we’ll call her.


Because my deepest desire for this fiercely brave, beautiful girl, whether we end up doing life together for another week or sixty more years, is that she grows to know the heart of the One by whom she is kept. Always. The one who walked through hell and moves Heaven and earth to be with her. He has kept and will keep her always and so may this new word be her banner.

Sunshine and Kept. Whatever may come and wherever you may go, here and now and forever forward, my girls: Sisters. Cherished.

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