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Day One-Hundred and Two: God Does therefore We Do

There are seven files on a desk at our agency for children whose souls bear the weight of Satan’s crafty lies that there is no place for them in this world, lies that are harder to know are lies when hard pressed for foster homes able to say “yes.” I can’t tell you that you can or need to do something about it. Because none of us have what it takes to face the brokenness of this world and mend it. Only God can do that. I can tell you that every encounter between you and your God thus far has equipped you to storm the gates of hell for “the least of these” in a way that only you can. Ask me how I know…

No training prepared me to stroke sweat-soaked hair from the eyes of a crying child unable to put words to why he was afraid or name the demons he fights in his dreams, nurture him back to sleep, pray over him through the night watch, and make it through the work day that followed.

No book provides the timely, deeply personal, hard but right words to say to biological mothers and fathers who are just as in need of love and healing.

No human has the strength to hold me together at any given moment on any given day when the weight of it all hits me for no apparent reason.

No coffee date small talk captures my heart—poured out in prayer for a godly man to live this messy beautiful life with us.

No coffee fills me with grace for my boss when he says he’s tired because he sat awake in bed for an hour before his alarm went off… sometimes it helps a little.

No camera can capture the laughter, love and light that saturates our days in contrast.

God does. God does all of these things.

Foster care isn’t any different than any other worthy work. These days are daunting, terrifying at times, and altogether impossible to do, let alone do well, without Him. I am soul-deep thankful that doing this by my own strength isn’t what He asked me to do. I am soul-deep thankful that doing this by His strength is everything He calls me to do.

Long before I stepped into the first training session, God paused, considered, then formed and fashioned a foster mom from a lump of clay. Intentional love, His carving tool. Hard life lessons, His kiln. Here’s the thing, though, I didn’t always know that that’s what He was doing. A foretaste of the big-scale way He works all things together for good.

For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them. Ephesians 2:10

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