Foster Care · Hope

Day Eighty: All Dressed Up with Nowhere to Go

My baby girl needs all of the one-on-one care I can give right now and so I had to say no to you. To being your safe place, to speaking words of hope into and over your hurting heart, to giving you what I’m giving her.

And so my words for you stand for a moment at an empty bedroom’s door before it closes. The words that would have traveled a portion of your journey with you: all dressed up with nowhere to go. The words that would have welcomed you in: washed in the tears of a mother’s love, clothed in hope that’s been pressed with the heat of my heart’s desire to hold you and a simple string of pearls, pearls of wisdom to know that, though heavy, my “no,” for now, must be.

How many children are in the foster care system on any given day? Well over four hundred thousand. How many foster homes? Less.


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