Foster Care · Hope · Prayer

Even Now

For months I’ve heard of the needs, the staggering statistics of children waiting, so it seems odd that I’d be waiting weeks for a call to come through. This must be an answer-in-the-works to long-prayed prayers to be available for the right children at the right time.

What a peculiar feeling this is, child, to await your arrival so eagerly and yet to know, at the very same time, that only some form of suffering would bring you here to my door.

Rather than pray for your swift arrival, with a heart utterly humbled by the gravity of such circumstances, my prayers are with and for you…

That there may be comfort even in the midst of what may feel scary, painful or chaotic.

That there would be something good, even now, for your growing heart to hold on to for years to come.

That your family would seek and find the help best suited to their particular needs in this season of life. That the lines of communication would be open and that we would all have ears to hear.

That the team who will soon surround you may be well equipped and well sustained to serve you and your family well for the long haul.

That none of us would allow the weightiness of all of this to distract us from the beautiful little moments, laughter and singing and playing and embracing every opportunity for you to be every bit a child.

Faith, hope, love. May you grow to know the meaning of these words for all that they are when we need them most.

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