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Nomad No More

For over a decade now I’ve raced into some crazy places where single young women “should’t be” with all of the thrilling gumption a passerby might not suspect an otherwise quiet, nerdy person of having.

Words fail to convey what a humbling taste of Heaven it’s been to rejoice with those who rejoice and weep with those who weep in native languages and cultures other than my own. Love propelled me into those places and Love has tied forever-knots in my heartstrings to marks all over the map.

After about twenty-seven homes in twenty-seven years, here I am: Day one of settling into a pretty little small town USA home… indefinitely.

It’s time to love in new ways, intimidating ways, and I don’t have a blessed clue. Nope, no idea what I’m doing.

I find great comfort and encouragement in the wise words of a dear friend’s mother, though: What qualified Mary, Esther and others for the mighty things we read of them in the scriptures? It was time and they showed up.

This is me showing up and this is all that I know for sure: I’m inexperienced and inadequate for the tasks at hand; but this isn’t the first time that’s been true… and God always, always comes through.

Children from the darkest places, this key to my home and heart is for you.

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